Conscious Catholicism

I just think its funny – you seems to be everywhere these days.

Concerned commenter valleyist asks: Why are you guys showing so many clips from YouTube? Do they pay you for these plugs? If I wanted to see clips from youtube, I’d go to there [sic] website. Is that what you want?

Let’s start by saying yes, that’s what we want. We want you to enjoy surfing around on the internet (particularly while you’re at work), we want you to watch funny videos, read your favoriteblogs, clicking on links and ending up who-knows-where. So yes, go ahead to YouTube— and then come back, y’all!

The reason that sites like us include videos from YouTube is that YouTube has done 2 technical things to make it embarassingly simple for all of us.

  1. On each video’s page on the YouTube site, they’ve got the code for an embeddable player; we just copy and paste that code and — ta-dah! you can watch a video on LAist. It’s better than a link, because you never need to leave our site at all.

  2. The other smart/manipulative thing YouTube has done is host every damn file. So when we put a YouTube video on our site and you play it, YouTube carries the bandwidth, not us.

Finally, we try to bring you videos from YouTube that have something to do with Los Angeles (including the South Park Scientology episode). You can do that yourself, but why bother, when we’re here for you?


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