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Today is April 10th. It’s also a national day of action for immigrant justice [april10].In case you’ve been sleeping through the Sunday morning talking headshows and falling asleep through your daily NPR dose, the Congress hasbeen batting around tough immigration legislation [wiki] that has put a lot of people in the mood for protests.

While some marches took place yesterday [reuters],the majority of events are scheduled to take place today in citiesacross the country. In Seattle, a few thousand of the expected twomillion [bloomberg]supporters will convene at St. Mary’s Church (20th Avenue S and SouthWeller) at 3:30. At 4:00, the march will follow a route to the FederalBuilding, where a rally will take place for about an hour.

Even if you don’t care about what happens to the 11 million illegalimmigrants living in the U.S., building gigantic fences across theMexican border, Senate gridlock, and conference committees, you mightlike to know about the effect that this will have on your eveningcommute. To see if the route intersects with your afternoon drive, KOMOhas the turn-by-turn plan [#].

Please drop us a comment if you’re planning to participate and letus know where you’re posting your pictures or just drop them into themetroblogging seattle group pool [flickr].


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