Conscious Catholicism

That forecast of “wacky weather” we mentioned in Thursday’s Lunch News post was right on. Our blood has thinned and we are frigid sitting here in our sandals. Too bad for vacationers in Palm Springs.

Last month, a New Yorker wrote in snow “It doesn’t do this in LA,” but Martini Republic compared 5 days of L.A. weather to NYC. Guess who won the cold war?

One New York City transplant told LAist his feelings on it. “I just object on the grounds that if I wanted snow, I would be living in a city with more culture and better transportation.”

Not a first for L.A., but snow is always exciting for some and not for others – the 5 North in the Grapevine was at a standstill. A few miles south, the weather wasn’t exactly par for the annual AT&T Golf Classic (previously the SBC Golf Classic) in Santa Clarita. Sorry Lee Trevino!

The L.A. Treasure hunt has been postponed and L.A. Times has lots of facts and stories from across the state.

Yes. That photo was taken in Los Angeles yesterday. Photo by WritePudding via LiveJournal and Flickr.


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