Conscious Catholicism

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I haven’t written in awhile. Things have been good. I’ve noticed that things seem to be just flying by. It’s hard to believe that its already March. I’m working on a few things with my career and stuff and I can’t really say much right now but if everything works out it will be a good thing, good for me anyway. I got word the other day that my ever dwindling family is going to be separated by even more space as my aunt and family are moving overseas to Italy for a few years. I’m very happy for them, there children especially. I can’t imagine how wonderful it would have been to live out my teen years in Europe.

Today was absolutely gorgeous here in Seattle. I went out for a walk and it was sunny and warm, warm for us anyway. It was in the mid 50’s which is really nice. I went for a walk up on Capitol Hill, which for those of you that don’t live here is Seattle s version of West Hollywood. My tats are healing nicely and I should be getting the left arm finished up on the 16th. The right arm will need to heal some more before I get it finished. I’ve really gotten a lot of things done as far as the physical goes. I’ve taken care of the problems I was having with my feet, gotten the tattoos I’ve wanted. By the end of this year I will have gotten all of the work done on my teeth including the bleaching. I will have the lasik surgery later this spring/early summer. The last remaining thing is losing the weight, about 40 pounds and tightening up all of the jiggly places that seem to get more so as the years go by.


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