Conscious Catholicism

I’m not going to let some post menopausal she-bitch upset me. This job is really trying to suck all joy from my life. first with yesterday and the yanking of my article on CD-burning because its not compliant with our (newly enforced) policy and now someone complaining actually complaining because I go out of my fucking way to ask people on my down-time if they need help with there computers. I neglected to ask this she-bitch because she appeared to be focussed on some work and I didn’t want to disturb her and she accuses me of both being curt with her and of having issues with her. When I tell her I don’t that she appeared busy she becomes dismissive because its so much easier thinking I DO have a problem then to accept me at my word that I don’t or at least didn’t until now. I tell her this conversation is over and that I want to know who her supervisor is she refuses which is just stupid its not like I can’t find out. We have a sit down with him to hash out her problems with me not having a problem, how fucking stupid. I don’t imagine that its any different any place else. So I ask her do you want me to ask you if you need help or don’t you because she is like I don’t want your help and I’m like well if you don’t want me to help you and by the way I am the only help for our department than why do you have such an issue with me not asking you if you need help? After reading this I guess its a bit late to not let her upset me. I used to think the world of City jobs but you know people still jockey for power or to maintain the status quo. My old super is a perfect example of that. This person does as little as possible to coast by until retirement. Most of there energy in my opinion is spent on maintaining this arrangement. About the only differences that I see are that vesture happens after 5 years the money is less than a private sector job and the benefits are by far better. I really wish there was work that didn’t suck the soul from you.


Born in New York, Educated in the Berkshires, Became an adult in CA and found my Soul in Seattle. I'm a bearish middle aged, happy man who lives w my husbear in the OC.