Conscious Catholicism

Mike and I went to the Cuff for awhile. Is the first time either of us have gone since the no-smoking thing went into effect. I was really nice and a bit odd to actually be able to see across the bar without there being a layer thick smoke. The usual guys were there talking with all of there usual friends, lovers and aquaintences. It always takes for me to go the bar to remember why I don’t like gong. Sure I like looking at the hot guys and I’m sure some of them are just like me as far as why they are there, but the most aren’t.  Anyway, it was an ok time.  We went to taco bell afterwords and now I’m home, sleepy must go to bed.  How am I going to meet anyway if I don’t like going to bars and rarely go to social events? 

I watched Mr and Mrs. Smith earlier, I liked it.  I can totally see why Brad and Angelina hooked up they totally compliment each other and both are really hot, her more than him. 

night night


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