Conscious Catholicism

Even though Friday I was called in for an “advisory” meeting with JM, It was in fact a verbal warning meeting for things that were petty and untrue to boot. I also recieved word from on high that my position is going to be absorded (pending City Council approval) into the Central IT department for the City. I’m concerned that come Jan 2007 when all of this comes down that my position is going to be going the way of the dodo bird. I’ve updated my resume and a few folks at work have offered to serve as references. I’ve started looking and have to say I feel much much better now that I know theres a light somewhere between here and Jan 2007 as far as my job goes. I’d like to stay with the city, county or state but if a federal position opens up that would be wonderful also. I want to stay in the public because I don’t want to lose my retirement (vesture) benefits or any other ones for that matter.

the other news is my sister asked me to be her childrens godfather.. she went up to Nyack to visit with our mom and had the kids baptised today. So now I have some official famial title, god-father. I’m feeling much love and a bit of sprirtual responsibility.

I got Batman begins and watched it last night.. I loved it. It was dark, interesting, well written (or at least better than the other versions). The vision seemed “real” if thats possible to say about a comic. Mike and I also watched War of the Worlds. I enjoyed the scenes with the aliens in them but the story as a whole wasn’t very well written at all. It was disjointed overall. The wrap-up was definately very dissapointing. The special effects were superb which I think are often taken for granted now a days. Good special effects should go by unnoticed and this movie had many of them. Its a definate stay in rainy day movie.

Today someone asked me to come do some work on there computer so I spent a few hours doing that and making a couple hundred in the process, nice. No this wasn’t a euphemism for an in-call sex job. As much as I’ve stressed and bitched over the last couple of weeks.. things aren’t falling down around they really aren’t and even if they were change is bad.  I need to remind myself of this almost constantly sometimes.


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