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even though this is my space I really dislike using it to bitch about work. Well this time I’m not going to bitch so much as share some thoughts and try to put together the situation as best I can. What came to me this morning at 316am was that basically I’m just not feeling supported in my job. The lead for my team hands down pronouncements without being involved in the day to day or worse will ask me my preferences when he has already decided a course of action regardless of what I would want. My coworker says exactly two words to me on a daily basis, unless I engage her. These words are hello and goodbye and they arrive fresh from her lips almost exactly 7 hours apart from one another. There is no engagement, no discussion about what’s going on issue-wise, not even a fained interest in each others welfare. Yesterday when I approached my supervisor about the whole “asking me what I want when you already decided thing” I got a generally dismissive response. Is it any wonder then that I am feeling more and more like the “IT water-boy”. My knowledge, which has been and could continue to be useful to the whole Human Services department is now being disregarded more and more. I have become less and less involved in the direction that my department is moving now that the lead is calling all the shots without my involvement. I’m feeling isolated and unsupported and significantly less satisfaction from my job. Further there is a double-standard going on, as an example I was told I would have to go to one of the other sites, despite specifically saying I absolutely did not want to go when asked if I would like to. I countered with the offer to remotely assist folks if they should need it or to send the temp that was filling in for my coworker who’s job it was to go to this site in the first place. I was told I would not be allowed to do this and that I and nobody else must go to the site. My coworker had been scheduled to go to yet another site we service and was allowed to do the exact thing I had requested and was told I wasn’t allowed. I can handle going from 2 1/2 people (2 full-time and 1 half-time) people on staff to just myself and my coworker. It is all of this other stuff that is keeping me awake at night and causing me increased anxiety and stress. It is for all of these reasons that I want out of there badly. I would rather things change and would be willing to be a part of that but really I don’t think in my heart of heart that they are going to. There is a consolidation within the Cities IT core going on and as a result my time at HSD is going to be ending in January of 07 anyway. Those remaining behind really would have to ask why bother when the department is going away eventually anyway. So I’m looking for another job with either the county state or federal government that way my time earned towards vesture (and benefits) isn’t lost.


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