Conscious Catholicism

This past few weeks have been really centered around work with 1//3 of the folks moving to there new home (the Central building) and Vern almost assuredly leaving after the move. Things have been interesting. The move happened this past weekend and I am much happier now that it is over with. There is a much smaller wave of folks that will be moving this coming weekend. Everything went surprisingly smoothly considering. I went in on Sunday and re-hooked up everything along with some other folks. They did a really nice job with everything the color scheme to the furniture everything seems really nice. So nice in fact that I wish in some ways that I was staying at the Central instead of moving up to the Tower with everyone else next Summer.

On the home-front, I had sent a letter to the Property Manager requesting 10 days credit on our November rent because of the flooding problems we had had back in Sept/October. Well he responded with a counter offer of 150 dollars. The decision that I have to make now is do I want to pursue this further and am I willing to take it to small claims court? He’s really not being fair about the matter. We didn’t have access to one whole room while they were attempting to correct the problem. The problem didn’t actually get completely resolved until yesterday when the carpet cleaner guy got here. This means it took them over an entire month to completely resolve the issue. I almost don’t want to expend any more energy on the matter, just accept the measly amount he’s agreed to. Anyone been to small claims court?

Thursday Mike and some friends will be performing the annual RHPS cabaret thing at the Cuff. Think of it as RHPS on a very small scale. The Cuff is providing a mini stage this year and of course the props (which they do every year). Its a lot of fun and I do enjoy it. I only wish I had Friday off. Alas, I don’t have it off in fact it is moving day for the last wave of people moving to the Central. I’ll be happy when I see that paycheck with all of the overtime on it though.

I was going to write about S from work but its not worth it. It is just another body occupying space. I do believe that most people are like pigeons which really is sad.


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