Conscious Catholicism

I’ve had a really restful weekend. M went to a party yesterday and got called into work for the day shift today. This means I’ve had the house to myself all yesterday night and today, yummy. I played on the computer, chatted with some friends, was lazy and didn’t get any milk even though I had run out and wanted some for my nutty bars. In other words I did nothing useful or solid, god its been nice.

I spoke with nana a couple of times this week. She seems to me anyway to be doing better. Its been a long haul from the initial diagnose of colon cancer to now. I think in a lot of ways its brought its own blessings she quit smoking for one and theres always the whole value every moment and do what you want cause life is short and filled with assholes type of thing. Shes not completely out of the woods, theres still a lot of recovery which doesn’t seem to want to go away.

My garden is doing really well, at least in terms of raw foliage. The tomato plants are a little over 5 feet high each. There are a lot of flowers on them, but very little in the way of fruit. The cuke is going mad with growth too. The pepper is still coming along, now that I daily look for aphids, nasty little critters. There is one pepper, with a number of other pepper buds. I’m hopeful that there will be a decent crop this year. Well we’ll see

time for more coffee…


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