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Kevin Kelleher says: “My friend Ken Belson, who’s a business reporter at the New York Times, is going to be speaking about a book he wrote on the Hello Kitty phenomenon. I seem to recall you had an interest in Hello Kitty so I’m sending it on. I’m planning on being there – may even bid on that pink tv set.

Friends and Kitty Lovers,

I’m speaking about Hello Kitty (the book she inspired) in San Francisco on the evening of June 20th. Sanrio has donated gifts and will auction off a pink television, so even if I bomb, you won’t go home empty handed. Judging by other crowds, though, it should be a fun evening.
To be held at the Mechanics Institute, 57 Post St. in SF and will be hosted by the Japan Society. For more details, see

For more on the book, check out
Hope you can make it and share a one-night stand with her royal cuteness, Kitty.

All the best, Ken

PS I’m just back from Japan, where I found yet more bizarre iterations of Kitty, including one of her holding a skeet shooting rifle.



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