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Theres something so deliciously evil about the whole hello kitty thing. I imagine its no suprise I’m really a fan of chococat

 Images KittybugSid, who blogs Winkie, lives in Tokyo. Yesterday, he got a press release for a Hello Kitty branded insect repellent pendant, designed to be worn on the wrist or around the neck. The press release has lots of great janglish:

It is good feeling to have a food outside. But, it is bad if unpleasant bugs come. So, now a handy bug repellent with no smell gets popular.

The press release also cautions journalists not to imply that the pendant actually does the thing it is advertised to do:

We appreciate your corporation that the word such as “repellent” and “repel unpleasant bugs”, etc. can be used on publicity, but the word or wording that imply “Effective for mosquitoes” or “itchy” and “mosquito”, etc. cannot be used. A conventional repellent is registered with pharmaceutical product and/or quasi-pharmaceutical product. However, this product is not yet registered as a wording of “Effective for mosquito”, etc. cannot be used.



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