Conscious Catholicism

Yesterday and today I had Project Management training. It was suprisingly interesting. My only hesitation with taking these two days was going to be that there would be no one available today. S works at another office, although She was nice enough to change her schedule. I stopped in during my lunch break to check on things. They were quite yesterday but hellish today. I had 2 urgent phone messages and an email from one of the managers who is a complete technical retard and a bitch to boot. She just recieved 3 new computers, very nice machines. One of them is already in use by someone, well she suddenly gets a bug up her butt that she wants to use a different machine that isn’t as fast or nearly as powerful as the one that THEY ARE ALREADY USING. I explained to her in an email this made no rational sense and would unnecessarily use IT resources (me) preparing an inferior machine to do what the superior machine is already doing. God she is like such human fodder. Well, she is hell bent on getting me to do this. I spoke with her today, reiterating what I’ve already told her. I need to talk with my Super to find out how to deal with this idiot, I’m not clear on what I can or cannot do or not do as the case may be or even what I can say to her. I haven’t learned to dance the politics at this job yet. S had a good idea, basically let her know that unless her current machine was preventing her from getting her work done that she would not be getting a new (old) machine anytime soon as it was not an IT priority. I love my job but this particular person and her group should really all go back to using pen and paper and leave me the hell alone.

I’m happy to be returning to my regular routine tomorrow. I have two days worth to catch up on. There are a number things I need to do that will carry me through to the afternoon. Friday I’m hoping will be quiet so I can work on some of my other projects. This weekend I’m getting my haircut, which I always enjoy, food shopping (a little bit) and going to dinner. Tomorrow sometime in the am they are delivering a new washer/dryer. The old ones heating element has died, it now takes 3 – 90 min. cycles on high to dry a normal load of clothes. I set a load to dry the other morning before I left for work, when I came home it was still on. That is over 8 hours it was on. I dread next months electric bill but thankful that the house didn’t burn down.


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