Conscious Catholicism

The crud that was going around the office was pretty serious. The entire fourth floor was missing in action because of it. There were multiple people sick from every floor. My sickness turned into bronchilis, which I’m still trying to get over. I feel fine, except for the constant dry cough that produces absolutely nothing but frustration and a lovely raspiness to my breathing. It’s 1:47am right now but I can’t lay down to sleep because if I am prone my breathing gets mess up and I go into a coughing fit. The doctor gave me prednisone and an albuterol inhaler which has helped loosen and remove most of the phelgm from hell. I just downed some more of the codeine cough medicine and some nyquil in the hopes that I either O.D. or pass out and not notice I can’t breath. I’m kidding about the O.D. part, its just so damn frustrating. Enough of that.

I got a letter in the mail with some pics of my friend Jessica. She looks wonderful, its amazing that she is almost 50. I haven’t seen her in a really long time, she had breast reduction surgury awhile back and these are the first pictures of her with her new smaller boobs. She looks like a whole different person from the one I remember.

Well I am going to attempt to fall asleep to late night infomercials.

good night all


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