Conscious Catholicism

School is pretty much done with for this quarter. I’m really happy about it. It was a difficult quarter at best. One of the other good things to happen recently is that I recieved news that my job has been saved. Yeah, no worrys now about what’s going to happen after December.

My Aunt and her family will be coming out this way for Xmas this year. They will be spending Xmas with me here at my home. I’m very excited about this. They are the first to come and visit with m. There are a lot of positive things happening right now. Things seem to be coming together as far as the direction that I see myself moving in. I’m looking forward to this coming year, much more so than last year. Things are bright.

a side-note I bumped into a fellow LJ user the other night on my way home. It was brief but I said hi and she said hi and then Mike and I head on to QFC to pickup some food.

I’m going to take it somewhat easy this weekend, relaxing is a good thing. I will study for my tests on Tuesday. I have two open book and two closed book. I’m fairly certain that I will do well in 3 of my 4 classes. There just really wasn’t enough time to accomplish what I had hoped to in my Perl class. I’m coming away from it with an enhanced appreciation and knowledge. I look forward to taking it again with another teacher. I don’t really like the teaching method/style that my current teacher uses. I learn by doing, I always have. I’m not really good with theory.

My schedule at work will remain at 32 hours a week, which is just fine with me. I like having Fridays off. The income is fine for me, espcially now that I’ve really cut all of the fat from the household budget. Well, most of it I still spend wayy to much on food. Between Mike and I we spend close to 450 dollars a month on just grocerys. No wonder I am having a hard time losing the 40 pounds. All the food goes somewere.


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