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So I urge you all… VOTE. But as you do enter the voting booth, please ask yourselves some questions as you prepare to vote. And I happen to have a few on hand for you to run through…

– On September 12, 2001, our leaders pointed the finger at Osama bin Laden and said, “He’s the one responsible for this, and we’re going to bring him to justice. He can run, but he can’t hide.” So… where is he?
– After pointing the finger at Osama bin Laden and then saying they weren’t going to rest until justice was served and we got him, our leaders then took us to war with Iraq, where over a thousand of our troops have died and soldiers are being recalled after their tours are over and it seems we’re becoming embroiled in this Vietnam-like fiasco. What happened to the quick and decisive victory? What happened to “Mission Accomplished”?
– We were told that we were going to war with Iraq because Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that could be used against us. So… where are they?
– When Bush took office, our country had a $2 trillion budget surplus — one of the largest on record. Right now, we have a $3.5 trillion deficit — also one of the largest on record. That means that we ran through $5.5 trillion in 4 years, and unemployment is still higher than it was when Bush took office. So… where’d the money go? And on top of that, why did Bush just sign a bill not even two weeks ago that gave big companies even more tax breaks?
– When Clinton left office, his advisers told Bush’s people that terrorism was a high threat and they should take action against Al Qaeda. Bush ignored it all and went on vacation — one of the longest a president has taken. Then, a few months later, 9/11. Our intelligence and our defenses failed us. And rather than take blame for letting us down, our government suddenly made it so that questioning their actions was unpatriotic. So… how did they let that day happen without taking any blame?

Do you really want four more years of unanswered questions?


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