Conscious Catholicism

Ok, were to start. everything has mostly returned back to normal. School, Work all that sort of thing. I get a call letting me know that my dad didn’t have a good time while he was here and was in fact upset with me because of a misunderstanding. This is fine actually, misunderstandings happen its inherent to being human. The thing that is still nagging me is he didn’t come to me and say anything in fact he still hasn’t. I haven’t spoken directly with him since I drove him to the airport. I spoke with my mom about it and, well seeing how she feels about him wasn’t very generous towards him. So I have this feeling that that was it and he being who I’ve always been told he is, will just go on his way.

On another rather disturbing note I got a call yesterday while in my Dreamweaver class with this information:

Woman found dead was a transient
ARCADIA — A woman found dead in Arcadia County Park was identified
Tuesday as Christine Nugent, 33. Nugent’s body was discovered near the
400 block of South Santa Anita Avenue about 7:30 a.m. Monday, said Lt.
Emil Moldovan of the Coroner’s Office. Nugent was a transient who had been arrested recently on suspicion of being drunk in public, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Josie Woolum
said. No information was released about a possible cause of death. An autopsy
is pending, Moldovan said.,1413,206~22097~2463623,00.html

well, Christin was not a transient she had a roomate, who had to identify her. Christin was also my cousin. She was born 3 months after my sister. She ,her brother, my sister and I grew up together. My sister and I just went to her brothers wedding last Spring. I am the oldest of course. I’m not even sure how you deal with something like this. I feel like I don’t how I feel about this. There is an ongoing investigation, so they won’t release her body back to the family. I’m trying to go about things as normally as possible. Oh yeah and I got news today that December 31st will be my last day working for the city. I’m fine with the last bit, I love my job but I’m ok having to leave it in January. The position may open up again and I know that I would be welcome.


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