Conscious Catholicism

I got a call from the city this morning, not too soon after I spoke with you. She was calling to let me know that I passed the background however, she unfortunately was going to have to withdraw the offer. She said that there were budget cuts that went through and my position was being frozen til things got better. She apoligized and indicated that she would check around at some of the other City Departments. I can’t even begin to express how bummed I am about this.

5:20pm update

I got a call while I was out that my new boss that they were wondering if I was interesed in working through the rest of this year as they had the money already allocated for the position. She needn’t have even asked. The benefits to this are I will be in the city system, which makes it easier to find work within the system and I’ll be working. I sure hope to god this works out, I don’t think I could stand to have the carpet pulled from under me again.


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