Conscious Catholicism

This morning stated off with a whole slew of financial “fires”. I absolutely can’t stand US-Bank. What other bank will record checks before deposits if they are deposit on the same day? I don’t know of one other than US-Bank. Well, I’ve done what I can to put these fires out so what is IS.

A friend invited me to go on a dinner train with him tonight. I was looking forward to this yesterday but today I just want to curl up and ignore the world. On the other hand perhaps going out would be the best thing in the world for me right now. I’ll have to drive down to Renton which isn’t so far away as it is tricky. That area of south Seattle gets weird, streets don’t make sense it’s easy to get lost. I’ll leave early just in case.

I spoke with Nana, she wasn’t on nearly as much pain medication today as she was the other day, although she was slurring her words towards the end of our talk. She seems to be doing better, she walked a bit and had most of her tubes removed, a very good thing. She seems ok, with having to have chemo.

I’m going to curl up and watch some TV.


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