Conscious Catholicism

The weather here yesterday (Sunday) and today is going to be gorgeous. It’s supposed to get as warm as 70 today. Mike & I went for a walk up on Broadway yesterday. It was very nice. Browsing bookstores and such

I’m still waiting on my tax refund. I had to file a 1040x (amended return) which apparently takes 8-10 weeks, Dang. I might get a check sometime around June. I’m out in full force looking for work. I’m determined to find a job. I’m on Spring break until school starts up again. I’m enjoying it but am really anxious to get working again. If I hope to do any of the things that I plan to do over the next 2 years I need more money. I’m planning a trip to LA in June along with some other trips later on this summer.

Well I need to get busy. It’s that time again, my paperwork has gotten backlogged and I need to organize file and throw=away. After that I’m heading downtown to enjoy the weather a bit. I’m going to go to Pikes Place Market and pick up some german deli (yum yum) .


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