Conscious Catholicism

I’m with Mark on this one. I too am so sick of hearing about Janet Jackson’s titties that I am reluctant to even mention it here. There is just such a contradiction between our national ethos and how most americans live. This of course brings me brings to the subject of gay marriage. First of all the idea that this sacred institution needs to be saved from the dirty hands of some perverts is utterly laughable. It really is a case of “pot, hi this is kettle, your black!”. Hets have over a 54% divorce rate, out of all the divorces in this country people who considered themselves “religious” had an even higher divorce rate. What that tells me is what the majority of people I consider sane already know, there is nothing to save. Secondly, aside from the financial and legal benefits I’m not exactly sure why gay couples would WANT to get married. From my perspective if your with someone you make that commitment to one another and to yourself. Love still is verb, an often messy compromising ego denying one especially when it comes into play in relationships. All of this being said I think that from a purely logical point of view (without all of the sentimental morality) gay marriage SHOULD be legal. I applaud the MA Supreme Court for allowing us fags to fuck up a good thing just as much as the breeders.


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