Conscious Catholicism

Last night I went to a friends birthday party. He throws the best themed partys of anyone I know. He always chooses a theme about 5 months or so before the actual party. This year the theme was Tiki Party. He had been collecting from simply everywere tiki paraphenalia. His home looked like an evening out at Trader Vics. It was just tons of fun. I’m a afraid I had one too many of the Blue lagoons he was making or was it the Zombies, lol, I’m not sure now. Anyway, it was a great party were I got to some meet wonderful people. So today is all about the relaxing.

The other good bit is that yesterday I recieve my official CAT (commisioner approved training). This means that according to the state it’s ok for me to be in school for retraining. Yeah, go me.

I think its going to be a lazy day today.


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