Conscious Catholicism

Today was filled with roadblocks and overall unpleasent. I went to go pay my rent this morning. Mike and I had a conversation with our landlord when we first moved in that we both get paid on the 8th, at the time she suggested that we write the check postdate it and that would be fine. Today of course it was a different story. She didn’t remember that conversation and was very dramatic about the whole thing. I left feeling angry and unsure. Then I had to deal with the whole college aplication business, it’s a lot and a bit overwelming the amount of paper I have to get turned in and the number of people that I have to talk wtih in order to make the whole process happen. Thirdly, I had to revisit the whole eBay/Paypal credit card issue. I spoke with another person who also sold a laptop very similar to mine to this same person. They weren’t as lucky as myself and now Paypal has deducted close to 2,000 from there account. I also called the FBI to open an internet fraud case with them. I fail to understand why this is so difficult there are at least 4 people that I know of that have had dealings with this same person. The short version of this in case I didn’t write about it is, I sold my laptop online to a user who paid for it through Paypal with a fraudlent credit card. I shipped the computer to the only address this person had (which wasn’t verified by Paypal). Paypal is now coming back at me, because they’ve just discovered that this person used someone elses credit card. My question to them is what the hell did I pay them for if not to make sure something like this didn’t happen. Now Paypal is investigating and will let me know of the outcome. I can tell you the outcome, they’ll be asking me to fork over 1940.00 PLUS a fee to cover the chargeback they are doing nothing about. So now I’m all caught up, oh yeah I’m pissed that I had to yet again remind my oh so mature roomate that he needs to do the fucking dishes if I do the fucking cooking. It’s not that hard to remember, unless you’ve got a good case of dementia. It’s been that way for 4 years now. So I’m not very Susie Social right now, I’m more like the angry postal worker. I need to go for a walk I think.


Born in New York, Educated in the Berkshires, Became an adult in CA and found my Soul in Seattle. I'm a bearish middle aged, happy man who lives w my husbear in the OC.