Conscious Catholicism

I just got the strangest email from someone asking me if I had had a problem with a certain buyer in one of my auctions. I responded back and said that no I hadn’t. Well, it got me to thinking. I ended up contacting Paypal, only to find out that there is little to no protection againest chargebacks. I have to take some responsibility here. I did after all send to an address other than one that was verified by paypal. Well, the long and the short of it is. I did some online investigation and found the phone number for the person to whom I sent the winning auctions item. I also went ahead and closed out my paypal account. I don’t see the point in using paypal if they aren’t going to offer me any protection againest possible fraud. there hasn’t been any fraud at this time, and it was only two other persons that seemed to have problems. I don’t want this to come back and bite me in the ass 2 months down the line.

From now on it’s checks or money orders only.


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