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Ok I’m really torn about Bagera and soliciting suggesionts. Some background, Bagerra is one of the cats that lives with Mike and I. Orginally he was Mathews, Mikes old roomate before me. Mathew has always had him until I moved in and he moved downtown. There was a cat already at the place that Matt moved to that didn’t get along well with the Bagerra. So Matt needed a home for him and asked Mike and I to foster him until he could take him. We both said yes, and so Bagerra has lived with us ever since. The problem now is twofold. Firstly, Bagerra has sprayed on the my chair and peed once on my carpet. Secondly, Intially each of the cats was going to cost us 500 deposit, which with Bagerra would have been 1500 in pet deposits. The second issue isn’t so bad, really as I got her to make it a total of 500 for all of the cats. My concern is primarily that he’ll spray to mark his teritorry once we move. He does the peeing thing in the hamper when he’s mad at Mike or me, the spraying thing was while my Dad and Nana were here awhile back and they were sleeping on “his” sofa and loveseat, so I’m fairly certain that it was a territorial thing. Mathew intially said that he would take him but has now said that he can’t because his landlord won’t let him. I told him he had to do something because a.) it was his cat and b.) it was his cat. I fairly certain he won’t do shit, Mathews just that way. Mike won’t even talk with me about it because Mikes just that way, neither of them seem able to make a decision and act on it. So yes, I’m a little pissed at both of them about this, mostly Mathew because he’s placing me in a difficult position by not acting. I really do like Bootygerra (that’s his nickname) he’s lived with us so long. I’m afraid if I take him to the shelter they’ll put him to sleep, he is 11 after all and most folks want kittens. None of the friends I’ve asked can take him, and I’m not certain it’s a good idea to bring him to the new place and have him spray or pee, of course he may not do either and that’s the kicker part. I’d be happy to bring him if he didn’t and I’m leaning towards just bringing him anyway, with the provision that if he sprays or pees once, he’s gone. So what do you’all think?


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