Conscious Catholicism

Ok follow-up to this morning. 160 dollars later and Mikes got some really snazzy outfits. I have a new shirt some new underwear, and a new gadget for my puter.

I just got back from the Mariners game. How much fun was that!! I have to admit I’ve never been to a major league baseball game before. If I had gone when I was younger, I’d have so totally become a jock. LOL. I got to yell and scream, I got caught up in everythig that’s American, beer, hotdogs and men scratching them selves openly. The Mariners won 4-0 againest the Texas Rangers. It was a blast. I am going to have to start going to games more often. Craig is going to take me to my first SeaHawks game when the football season opens this Fall, well August close enough.

I’m just home to shower and get dressed again to go out to a friends birthday, theres going to be drag queens hamburgers and someone named Terrible Muriel.


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