Conscious Catholicism

While packing today, I decided to transfer an old VCR tape that my aunt Alice had made up for me. The tape itself was a transfer of all the old old 8mm videos that my grandfather had made over the years. Some of the clips go all the back to the late 50’s early 60’s. It was the first time I got to see my mom walk and be herself. They are mostly Xmas home movies and such but it’s cool none the less to have this piece of family history. It’s important to transfer it to CDR and then I can play with it in iMovie after that. so it’s being encoded now, I hope the soundtrack comes through ok.

Yesterday, went to the Market and dicked around for a bit. I bought some donuts from the donut guy, he flirted with me a bit, which was nice.

I’m going to make a run to Freddies later to pickup some more plastic containers, they are the best for storing all of our respective shit.

I called MP while I was downtown yesteday, he wasn’t home. I didn’t really want to get together, just wanted to talk. Mike says I was looking for a booty call. So wrong, I can do the job so much better than most and with less fanfare or bother.

I don’t know why but the cats now have gas, Dexter’s lying on the kitty sofa near me and he just farted. Tobey was farting all last night. One word, acidophilus! I’m going to spike there wet food with it tonight.

We had Chad Thai last night for dinner. I was nicking for some good Phad Thai and Tom Kha kai. It was ok, definately not as good as Mae Phim, which is the best Thai I’ve eaten here in Seattle.


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