Conscious Catholicism

So I started the weight watchers point systm today. It’s actually pretty cool as a new way of eating goes. I think the thing I most aware of is that I don’t watch how much of anything I eat. I currently weigh 244, which is about 70 pounds more that my ideal BMI says I should. I think that if I weighed 170 that would be way way too thin for me. I’m looking at being around 200. I plan on working-out once I get moved and I’m sure that I’ll be doing a lot more walking once I’m moved. I’ve got to get the weight off as there is a history of diabetes in my family as well as I just need to. I think I’ll feel better, physically if I lose some weight.

The way the points system works is that you record everything you eat. Everthing has a point value and basically you eat whatever you want as long as you don’t go over your points total. Most foods that I eat are like 2-5 points so I actually can eat a lot. Starchs and Sweets are my big weakness.

Mikes sister arrives tomorrow, I’m looking forward to having some houseguests for the weekend. We are going to go to the Market tomorrow once they get into town. Sunday we are going to Cuff for a few drinks and probably some of ArT exhibits downtown. Heading off to bed now, I’m pretty tired today.


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