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This is a political callout to all those that read my Livejournal. I urge you to write to your Senators and Representatives in Congress about the coming war with Iraq.

Here is a link to find out who represents you.

and if you don’t care to write out a letter yourself, here is one I did for all you cut and paste folks:

Dear ,

I believe that the coming war against Iraq is largely planned to keep our attention from the absolute disaster of the American economy.

There are lots of good reasons to change regimes in Iraq. Couldn’t you say the same thing of at least 40 other countries around the world? I fail to see this “evidence” that President Bush keeps mentioning. The other issue for me and why I strongly urge you to not vote for war, is national sovereignty. I don’t like the current regime in Iraq nor do I like what it has done to its own peoples, however, I believe that we must take the high road in this situation. I believe that continued inspections and continued talks with the current regime urging positive changes in that country’s policies are the best course of action.

I really would have to reconsider my vote for a representative who has sided with President Bush in this trumped-up war. I very much hope that you will not vote to go to war with Iraq. Going to war serves no logical purchase at this time and only serves to distract from the real issues at hand here in the United States, the economy. Vote no on going to war with Iraq.

Very best wishes from your district,


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