Conscious Catholicism

From my sister,

Ken and Franca –

Just wanted to keep you in the loop.  My father (my step-father) passed away this morning.  He had been on oxygen for a couple days and his condition had been bad for a while now.  And then he just stopped breathing.  According to Ed there may be some sort of memorial service (he is being cremated)  on Monday or Tuesday… I don;t think I will be going.  But we will see.  Anyway, just thought I would let you know. 

Also, — on a lighter note –wanted to share some cute photos with you from when my friend Kim and I took the babies to Sesame Street Place in PA this past weekend.  She LOVED it – met Elmo and the Count and Bert and the whole gang! 

– end of letter –

I’m sad and a bit philosophical about Paul’s death. He was an atheist his whole life and although I certainly don’t accept the judeo-christian myth. I do expect that there is something after we die, at least until the brain completely shutdown. Paul was fairly young however he smoked a pack a day at least every day of his life, he after he was diagnosed with lung and bone cancer. He knew back in March that he had terminal cancer and from what Karen has told me he was very much Paul about the whole thing, very stoic and matter of fact. I’ll miss him a bit even though I really didn’t see much of him after my mom and he divorced. I think I feel most badly for Karen, as he was never there for her after the divorce, didn’t even come to her wedding. He barely made it to his mothers funeral, which was just over a year ago, or maybe two, I’ve had so many folks die in the past 3 years now that it is getting really hard to keep track. Well, I’m going to have a big bowl of spaghetti’s and meat gravy and for desert homemade chocalatte chip cookies and milk.


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