Conscious Catholicism

The cats are being just awful this morning. I went to bed at around 1am after reading for awhile, it’s now 6:52 and here I am typing away. Tobey with his constant meowing started at almost 6, then Dexter with his jumping on and off of the bed to wake Mike up. Even Begera got in on the act by trying to clime the wood dresser with his claws. I know why they are doing this, Mike usually gets up at 4ish (because he’s a freak), makes a pot of coffee and feeds them. They get upset when he doesn’t get up at there regular time. I’ve tried the water bottle spraying to no avail. They know that if I get up and Mike stays in bed it’s because daddy Ken (that’s me) is NOT in a good mood and they all stay away from me until daddy Mike DOES get up. It’s looking like it’s going to be overcast today. I don’t know that I’m going to do anything terribly exciting. We have 2 movies from our favorite new DVD rental place, Netflix. I’m on my last pack of smokes before I stop smoking again, ok until I quit smoking. I’ll go through the 3 day smoking fast before returning to the gym. I’m quitting for all of the obvious reasons, not the least of which is cost. Mainly because I can forsee a nice case of COPD just waiting to slowly develop. I’m going to the gym because I want to reverse my gentic future. All of the men on both sides of the family tree were more than pleasantly plump, and all of them died from heart disease/attacks. One of the things that struck me when I met my Dad for the first in March of 2001 was that I a.) look a lot like him and b.) was growing into his bodytype. I really just want to loose some wieght, build some muscle and increase my endurance, oh yeah and lust after the occasional good looking guy. Besides I feel really good when I am not smoking, when I am working out, and when I am juicing (fruit and vegatable), not the steroids kind of juicing. It’s time for another cup of joe and some more browsing.


Born in New York, Educated in the Berkshires, Became an adult in CA and found my Soul in Seattle. I'm a bearish middle aged, happy man who lives w my husbear in the OC.