Conscious Catholicism

Someone in the Seattle livejournal wrote that it was Snap a baby day, I think it was yesterday. Well, for some strange reason this post has generated quite a bit of response, mostly from people saying how stupid, racist, etc. it is. There are even people calling for this person and anyone supporting the post to be removed and/or censored from the Seattle list. I don’t get it, if something offends you that much leave it alone, move on. I guess it all goes back to tolerance and diversity or at least that’s what this reminds me of. There are a number of people in the world and as an example people like the ones suggesting the removal of this person from Seattle group, I see these people as foolish and trapped in there own righeousness. I wish that people could see that we are allowed to have ideas and beliefs that are offensive to others, they aren’t anything other than ideas and beliefs, they change over time. They speak about are experiences. I don’t have to agree with your ideas or your beliefs, in fact, but I can see them for what they are a part of who you are, they are not everything you are and they certainly don’t have to affect me or who I am. As an example, My mom believes that being “actively” gay is wrong, she sees my lifestyle as not right. She still loves me and Mike for that matter, and treats us no differently than my sister and her husband. This is I think the right way to handle things, she doesn’t allow her belief to affect the way she treats me and I don’t allow her beliefs to affect the way I feel about her. I think over time her beliefs will shift as will mine, but in the meantime we afford each other the respect that we are both living our lives to the fullest of our abilitys.


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