Conscious Catholicism

I see: a light in front of me

I need: hope

I find: love

I want: lots of money

I have: a good life

I wish: things were the way they use to be

I love: Michael

I hate: a lack of values

I miss: California

I fear: my body breaking down

I feel: contentment

I hear: my little piggie making noises

I smell: morning air

I crave: fish sandwhichs

I search: the secret of life

I wonder: outloud

I regret: hurt I’ve caused

When was the last time you…

Smiled: a moment ago

Laughed: yesterday afternoon

Cried: yesterday night

Bought something: yesterdays lunch

Danced: about 20 pounds ago

Were sarcastic: that last answer

Kissed someone: this morning

Talked to an ex: last Sunday morning

Watched your favorite movie: too long to remember

Had a nightmare: a week ago

Last book you read: Justice at Risk Ñ John Morgan Wilson

Last movie you saw: Chocalate

Last song you heard: something on Groove Salad

Last thing you had to drink: Coffee

Last time you showered: yesterday

Last thing you ate: hamburger helper

Smoke: no

Do drugs: no

Have sex: yes

Sleep with stuffed animals: yes

Live in the moment: sometimes

Had a dream that keeps coming back: yes

Play an instrument: no

Believe there is life on other planets: yes

Remember your first love: yes

Still love him/her: no

Read the newspaper: yes

Have any gay or lesbian friends: yes

Believe in miracles: yes

Believe it’s possible to remain faithful forever: yes

Consider yourself tolerant of others: sometimes

Consider love a mistake: never

Like the taste of alcohol: sometimes

Have a favorite candy: yes, almond joy

Believe in astrology: yes

Believe in God: yes

Believe in magic: yes

Pray: yes

Go to church: no

Have any pets: yes

Talk to strangers who IM you: sometimes

Wear hats: no

Have any piercings: not anymore

Have any tattoos: yes

Hate yourself: not often

Have an obsession: just one?

Have a secret crush: no

Collect anything: yes, Nazimova collectibles

Have a best friend: besides Michael?

Wish on stars: not in awhile

Like your handwriting: yes

Have any bad habits: of course

Care about looks: sometimes

Believe in witches: yes

Believe in Satan: no

Believe in ghosts: yes



Born in New York, Educated in the Berkshires, Became an adult in CA and found my Soul in Seattle. I'm a bearish middle aged, happy man who lives w my husbear in the OC.