Conscious Catholicism

Well Dad left a couple of days ago. Mike and I took him to the airport really early so that he could head back to Alabama. I quit smoking and have been sleeping for the last couple of days to get through the nicotine withdrawl. I wish I had something deep and insightful to say about my Dad’s visit but I don’t. I really enjoyed his company, He’s everything I expected, and a few things I didn’t (not bad). He came bearing pictures and such, I now have some really old ones of my Grt. Grandparents on my dad’s side. We drank a little and hung out with my friends, it was very pleasant. I will visit again with him, except now it’s Our turn to visit down there. Anyone, reading this have anything nice to say about “gay Alabama”. That sounds like an oxymoron, spelling pun intended. Well, off to play some more on the puter.


Born in New York, Educated in the Berkshires, Became an adult in CA and found my Soul in Seattle. I'm a bearish middle aged, happy man who lives w my husbear in the OC.